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Word Press is an open sourceblogging and free tool. It is basically (CMS) content management system based on MySQL and PHP. Features of word press consists template system and plugin architecture.More than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites used WordPress as of January 2015.

Templates of WordPress fix altogether to generate the web pages on your site WordPress like the pieces of the puzzle. Some common templates e.g. thefooter and header template files are used on all the web pages and other templates used only under particular conditions.Wordpress web Development

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A WordPress Plugin is program, or a group of more functions. They has written in the language of PHP scripting and itincrease a particular set of aspects or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be effortlesslycombined with the weblog using many points and proceduresgiving by the Word.Plugins of wordpress architecture permits their users to follow its features. It has approximately 37,000 plugins. And every plugin offers custom functions and features allowing users to modify their sites to their specific required needs.

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Local development refers to the process of building a website or Web application from the ease of a virtual server and not requires to be relatingto the Internet to run MySQL and PHP. One of the most irritating parts of development for me is the same process of save, refresh and upload, edit, which depending on traffic and bandwidth, and can change task of menial into a nightmare.
wordpress is an application platforms. It requires a server back end to word. You would normally be forced to progress on a live server. WAMP, MAMP and its Windows are basic tools that permityou to develop applicationslocally that needs a server on the end of back. For the construction of website MAMP permits you to install local server that usually need you on live server anywhere.Wordpress web Development

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