what is press release in seo and how to use it?

A site of “PC” or “PC” by metonymy, is a publishing site of articles on which anyone can publish their own content. Its aim is primarily “seo” although it may have other utilities … The only limit to respect the rules issued by the manager of this type of site!

what is press release in seo and how to use it?

what is press release in seo and how to use it?
A multi-thematic site

Often (but not all the time, the “cp” thematic enjoy a resurgence in recent times), this type of site offers a number of different themes and classifies articles into categories and sub-categories! If the internal linking is well formed, this operation may be particularly relevant, as an SEO point of view for the site itself and for the navigation of the Internet itself.
More cards in your hand!

To the editor, this may be an advantage because it may publish (if an author account) or propose to publish a large number of items! SEO or communication agencies are often interested in these sites because it saves them to search every time they wish to publish an article and spend too much time.

But for pure players or out web businesses, it can be a disadvantage because the theme will probably be less effective SEO … If the texts are correctly written, and semantic and thematic environment is properly conducted, Google will know what theme associate with the item but it will only be clearer and simpler if the whole area is associated with a unique theme!
Links, links, links yet …

As we said, the priority of a “PC site” is referencing its sites, its pages … This implies that it is possible to leave it there at least one link to your site. Otherwise, the site of “PC” will have little utility. Similarly, some sites provide these links as “nofollow” which should mean that Google is not supposed to “follow” link and upload juice. Although this rule is itself introduced by Google, does not seem to work every time and that nofollow links should be part of the landscape of links to a site, it is clear that these sites provide much less interest , on live seo.
One or more, the rule is not necessarily the same!

One or more, the rule is not necessarily the same!

Many press release sites proposed, yet there are some months, 3 links per article. But in 2012, Google has been there and decreed these sites as “not respecting its own guidelines”. He began to punish. One of the responses of managers of these sites was to spend 3 possible links to one single link, always with the same minimum length for more quality and less devaluation of juice of these links.
Whither do these links?


Depending on the case, cp site managers give the possibility to make links to all types of pages within a site, deep pages or to the home page. Habit for contributors, when you can keep 3 links on most of them, was to make a link to the “home” (homepage Ed) and 2 links to other pages. Today, we must choose, but it happens more often than the number of items offered for the same account, do not be limited. One can refer as many pages as desired … It takes “just” a power greater web copy writing before!

Google knows now recognize a press release at: everyone agrees to say. How? Probably, among others, because of links profile emerging from these sites (one to many relationships by regularly article).

This simply means, if the site is not penalized and that a certain quality of writing is requested, the outgoing links from these sites will be probably less quality and give less juice than on quality blogs, having a priori nothing to do with any SEO strategy …

In this regard, today, from the wave of criminalization of Google, many sites have become paid (or private and reduced to a circle of known users) but all are not present! This free will mean it will be impossible to have the same requirements as to the quality of the treatment of his article, as a paid site!

A simple example: if the manager of a site is “paid”, he can “afford” (time) to read the article and correct many language mistakes and other inaccuracies that these items are (too) regularly enamelled …
No money!

No money!

Everyone will also agree that free is an advantage … At the same time, managers of these sites are rarely philanthropists: if a service charge is not made, it is that there is a because …

However, we will not be able to ask the same thing and the decision made by the webmaster, to refuse any article, can not be questioned, if it meets per-established rules …

It will therefore normal that the SEO quality is not the same. However, with a minimum of reflection and experience, many sites are now good and largely compete with pay sites …
Impact on corporate communication?

I said at the beginning of the article, that the priority of a reported site was referencing. For some sites, but not all, “priority” does not mean “unique”. Indeed, a number of these sites offers more visibility than a “simple” website … SEO articles is already a good example for this: simply, if the publication site is well referenced and has a good net-linking and age, your articles are likely to be well placed on the name of the company and, in some cases, it is quite possible to see them appear even before the company website …

Some are included in Google News, which means that the items are quickly visible on a search tool or Google Alerts for a particular keyword!

Others distribute your articles on social networking accounts, as Twitter …

This “more” visibility is never negligible for an article. This can help to create links to it and improve its SEO. This may simply allow it to be read and a number of people to click on their links to access the site and eventually buy (for a e-commerce site) or request more information (in a contact).

In a global visibility strategy for PR (Press Relations), such a site can be a particularly effective asset, especially if this is not a priority objective of the site …

I do not see any. And you?
Compliance: only constraint?

Currently, the majority of these sites, Free, operate under the WordPress CMS. The disadvantage is that it does not see far, including from Google. The advantage is that WordPress is a publishing solution very efficiently and allows content today and save time, both for contributors and by the managers …

This solution is, moreover, very few binding and it is theoretically possible to publish a little everything you want!

This means that it is the site managers who must, even in the case of using another CMS or a specific solution, impose a number of requirements … They concern mostly:

The number of links
The minimum number of words when writing
The quality of the language
The presence of image or other “helpers” to communicate …

strict boss

Nonsense, you will not do!

Often these are confirmed SEOs even professionals “hold” sites. This suggests that these constraints are often related to Google or guidelines that imagined by these people as an effective and useful method to write and publish SEO articles!

Often, we really do not like being forced by other people and some of these rules may seem intrusive. However, in the case of a free article publishing site, it seems hard to complain, except in very specific cases … Do not forget that, especially today, these sites are managed by professional and efficient in terms of SEO, relatively speaking, is often real!

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