What is a DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

When we look at SEO is discovered very quickly No follow and Do follow links. This is actually the rel attribute values (for relationships) that define the relationship between the two sources. (where it gets technical I know!)
a hand making a stop signalization panel Do follow

What is a DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

What is a DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

Translation: This is a value that tells some search engines (like Google) if or not to follow the information given in a tag

We find this attribute in hyperlinks type:

Like this text DoFollow

Nofollow links

= Nofollow do not follow.

As you can set this value will tell Google not to follow the link in the tag.

WordPress can be important to your comments No follow, so you reduce the risk of spam. If you have tools like Akismet you can leave your comments Do follow and leave the door open for SEOs “well-meaning” like us; D

The links do follow

= Do follow follow

In other words these links are very important for your SEO. Indeed it is these values that are sought to leave comments, make links in comments …

For information links to Facebook, Twitter are nofollow links while Google+ are Dofollow.

Do not rush to create Google+ accounts, but think about it to set up your linking strategy.

How to know if the links of a site are Do follow or No follow?

Depending on your browser plugin exist more to display the values of the links.

Just do a search in your search engine.

For my part I use the browser plugin for Firefox develop and surround function

Finally, if you search for sites do follow blog … there are number of site lists Do follow that are more or less updated. Check them but nothing like making your own list and check from time to time if it is still valid.

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