What if my Twitter account was Hacked?

What if my Twitter account was hacked? How to get my Twitter account if my profile has been hacked? what to do if you got hacked on twitter. Getting hacked his account actually happens quite often on Twitter or because your account is specifically targeted (your ex, your enemy, your competitor, hackers) is because you have suffered a corrupted software or an infected file whose purpose is to steal your password, a third party application wishing to send spam without your knowledge …

What if my Twitter account was Hacked?

How to tell if your Twitter account is hacked?

Generally hacking your Twitter account mark is one of three ways.
1. You no longer able to connect to your Twitter account
2. Your account send to your friends in private messaging Twitter spam emails
3. Your Twitter account publishes tweets on your timeline without you having written these messages

What if I can not connect to my Twitter account?

To start, immediately change your password to a strong password that figure, slacks and tiny capital rather than type the word “@!foo” or “^^Jeanine” or “##987654321”

To change your password, go to the next page
How to recover a Twitter account hacked?

If your Twitter account really been hacked and the hacker changed your email address (which will make any attempt to change password useless since replacing email will be sent to the wrong address) use the appropriate Twitter Contact:

Accessible by clicking this link allows you to retrieve your account if you are unable to access it. The procedure will change the password of your account.

If the Twitter account in English safety is able to answer all the questions about security and hacking a Twitter account.
Once your account recovered, secure it

1. Make sure your email has not been changed in your settings during the time you lost control of your account without which a hacker could absolutely be back again

2. Activate the double check your account every time you connect with your phone. So each time you connect, you will receive an SMS to connect (which will also allow you to be notified when someone tries to connect to your Twitter account without your knowledge).

3. Clean third-party applications that can send messages without your knowledge by visiting your “Settings” Twitter then “Applications”.

Remove the rights of suspicious applications:

remove implementation twitter

Follow the tutorial to secure Twitter to make all these into account the security methods step by step.

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