5 Tips for Optimizing a WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most widely used free platform (Content Management System – CMS) for building blogs and websites .  Now a days 60% webmaster use word press its seo friendly CMS, Currently used by 60 million websites worldwide. It can be installed and working in minutes without the need for specialized knowledge of its users.

Despite its many advantages over other popular CMS (Joomla, Drupal , etc. ) in WordPress is not optimized for search engines as many would believe .

Below are 5 important tips to optimize a website WordPress, to improve its position in search engines .

5 Tips for Optimizing a WordPress Blog

5 Tips for Optimizing a WordPress Blog5 Tips for Optimizing a WordPress Blog

1) . SEO Friendly URLS for search engines

To url of a page is one of the most important elements of SEO and optimization are essential. As default option in WordPress displays the urls of the pages of our site in the following format :

pakibuz.com /? p = 123.

This format does not appear in the url the keywords you would like. For this reason should the Settings → Permalinks to choose the custom structure to control we the url of each page .

2)Rename category ‘Uncategorized’

Too many blogs do not use the selection of classes offered by WordPress rush or forget to put the right category so posts to appear in the category ‘Uncategorized’. This can very easily repaint using a basic keyword in place ‘Uncategorized’. If for example we have a site for our hotel Mykonos would be better to change the category to ‘mykonos’. So I go to the panel of WordPress Posts → Categories Uncategorized and do edit and rename a main keyword that expresses our site .

3)Optimizing page titles and meta tags

As a default option uses the WordPress page title tag as the title of the post or page and also does not include important meta tags. To properly configure these options have created several good plugins. Featured ease of use , the WordPress Seo by Yoast.

4)Usage of Google Analytics account and webmaster tool

The Google Analytics service offers many important data and information for a website to administrators and consultants SEO. You learn eg how much motion accepts each individual page , where it receives run the site, which is the time during the day with the most traffic and more even . There are several ways to add Google Analytics to your site. An easy and great way is by using the plugin Google Analytics for WordPress.

5)Properly creating internal links and sitemaps

The correct structure and internal navigation is an important factor in optimizing a site. One way to appear quickly and easily our pages in the search engines (google, yahoo, bing , etc. ) is to create the site HTML and XML Sitemaps and then be subjected to these machines . Featured in HTML Sitemap plugin HTML Page Sitemap XML Sitemap for the plugin Google XML Sitemaps.

The above tips are a good start to optimize WordPress blog or website . If you want complete consulting services you can contact Seo Solution.

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