The 8 Best Foods in Pregnancy

The 8 Best Foods in Pregnancy

You are Pregnant! Now what to do is only caring yourself both physically and emotionally. No doubt, you can boost your chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby by following using few simple guidelines from the eating point of view because eating is number one precaution measure while you are pregnant. Now you are not eating for yourself only but you are also eating for your baby inside. There keep following best foods in your mind whenever you feel hungry.

The 8 Best Foods in Pregnancy

The 8 Best Diet Foods in Pregnancy

It is not only rich in nutrients that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy, such as calcium and folic acid, but broccoli is also rich in fiber and antioxidants fight against the disease. And because it contains a lot of vitamin C… this popular green vegetable will help your body absorb iron when consumed with food rich in iron, such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice.
Fortified Breakfast Cereal

You knew it was important foliate before conception and during your first weeks of pregnancy, but your needs for vitamin B stay high for all nine months. Experts advise getting 400 micrograms per day of vitamin supplements or fortified foods and breakfast cereals is an easy way to do it.
Dried Beans & Lentils

All women need 10 more grams of protein per day during pregnancy, beans and lentils are a great source, with about 15 grams per cup. They are also rich in fiber, which helps to fight against digestive disorders. And 1 cup of cooked lentils meets half of your daily requirement of folic acid.
Nonfat Milk
Your body soaks up about twice calcium from your food while you are pregnant. But since others get too little calcium to begin with, drinking skim milk is a good choice. Each 8-ounce glass provides about 30 percent of the recommended dietary intake of 1000 mg.
Bananas are rich in potassium and provide quick energy to fight against fatigue of pregnancy. They are also easy on your stomach if you are nauseated, said O’Rourke. Cut cereal or a whisk in a breakfast.
Lean Meat
Your daily iron requests double during pregnancy, so it is essential to include plenty of foods rich in iron now. If you do not have a good supply of iron, you are more likely to feel fatigued, warns Jo Ann Hattner RD California. Meat offers a form of iron that is easily absorbed by your body.
Soft cheeses are off-limits, but varieties such as cheddar and mozzarella can be a great help to meet your calcium needs every ounce contains one-fifty to two-hundred mg. Cheese is also high in protein.

Many women develop an aversion to meat during pregnancy. Eggs are an excellent source of alternative protein because they contain all the essential amino acids your body needs, says Hattner. There is nothing better for a quick dinner of an omelet with lots of chopped vegetables and a little cheese. If aromas of cooking you feel sick, hard boil a lot of eggs to keep on hand in the refrigerator. Eat them together to grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks, or chop them into green salads.

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