Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

Stamen Maps

Make your world colorful by using stamen Maps.
It uses data from open street Map
and lets you do something different with the satellite maps
available on the internet turn your neighborhood, City or the entire country into a watercolor painting. The effects make it look like cool handmade painting on a paper. one drawback is that some locations have more details then the others for instance according to stamen maps Lahore,pk looks like a dry piece of land with just tiny batches of greenery on some spots(those are the famous parks and gardens). There are a few other maps affects available some of them are limited to u.s.a while other like the burning map are international but require a weblog enable browsers.if you are looking  for more looking useful map effects, try the black and white toner effect you can save the maps as images for free and get creative with them.


This fun website presents the theory that all the pixar characters and worlds exist in the same universe. From the first disney/pixar animated movie “Toy Story” to the latest one “Monsters University”, they’re apparently all interlinked and one can find supporting evidence within the movies. it also explains the approximate eras the events of a particular movie take place. The website is inspired by blogger jon Negron’s “The pixar Theory”. Some assumptions are based on the reappearance of the same object or names in different movies, While other dots are connected by other hypotheses. The site includes mind-boggling ideas, like boo, that sweet little girl from Monsters inc., is the old lady from Brave Needless to say, Some of the connections and hypotheses are way too far-fetched, but for a pixar fan it’s definitely worth checking out.


I have read the terms and conditions”, might be the most common and frequently told internet lie ever. Surely sites and complains don’t expect you to read the entire terms of service
document but they have a legal responsibility to put it
out there. In an attempt to save time and escape the trouble of getting tangled into the complicated jargon-filled document,
We often miss some important points and agree to the most ridiculous and even
outrageous terms
unknowingly (anyone seen
South park’s Human Centipede
episode?). ToS;DR
attempts to simplify and summarize the Terms of Service of different web
service you (are planning to) use and shows what you have possibly signed
up for. You’ll also find ranking of different sites’ privacy policies of user rights
and friendliness.


This site features tons of colorful cool yet simple buttons what do thees buttons do? well, they play a small sound clip when you press them. from famous TV lines like “Bazinga!, TBBT and pickachu’s (pokemon)uber-cute “pika-pika-chuuu”, as well as movie and sound bites such as “This is Sparta (300) and “I am Batman” to nostalgic sounds from the past like lay station’s start-up music, dial-up internet sounds and everything imaginable in between. some might be offensive or NSFW, but you can easily avoid them as the button titles are quit descriptive.


Remember those old not-so-technologically-advanced-but-highly-engaging hand-held gaming consoles from the 80’s?
Even if you aren’t familiar with them, You can virtually experience them on this website and check out what the ancestors of your current games looked like. Some of those per-Game Boy consoles with extremely simple game mechanics and black and white graphics are completely ridiculous now. The fanciest thing about them was colored background; nevertheless 80″s kids still love retro consoles. Picapic brings back a collection of those old school games in a fully digitized from, complete with the original sound effects. choose a game to play from the list on the bottom of the screen, mouse our to learn the keyboard controls and brace yourself for a journey in to the past.

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds


Convert anything to anything is their tagline. no, unfortunately this is not an alchemy site that lets you convert other metals to gold;what cloud convert does is that it helps you convert your digital files from one format to other.It supports dozens of formats for videos, photos presentation documents, sound files and digital books. You don’t have to download any software, just select a file to convert (from a cloud storage account or your computer) and tell them where you want it dropped off after conversion: Drop box, Google Drive or a download link in your e-mail. The registration is free and comes with many perks like bigger file conversions and longer storage duration for converted files.


Learn Out Loud is a learning resource and directory which features the best audio and video content from around the web. Helping you “learn on the go” is one of this site’s major aims. You can save the educational audio files on your MP3 player, IPod or smartphone and benefit from them while working out or doing chores. You will find links to thousands of audiobooks, videos, podcast, lectures, interviews, speeches and other free downloads on on almost every subject.


Khooll is a digital lifestyle magazine that publishes articles and photographs on a variety of topics, including illustrations, typography, gadgets, interior design, architecture, photography, fashion, advertising and automobiles.You will find amazing bits of news and the globe here; for instance,”A Fleet of water-based Fiat Cars Cruising The Chicago River’ and 3D printed high heel shoes which cab downloaded for free, printed overnight in your favorite coloure and size, worn anytime.


You might have seen many online tools for drawing, but you probably never came across one so brilliant yet easy to use that it lets you create what look like artistic masterpieces in a few minutes. This procedural drawing tool by Mr. Doob can bring out the artist in just about anyone. Take a few moments to explore the various tools and brushes, and it won’t be long before you are making your own sketches and drawing. The ‘Sketchy’ brush will turn your drawing of a few simple strokes and lines into professional-looking sketches.


NeoCities lets user make their own homepages from scratch for free(provided that it doesn’t exceed 10 MB in size). You have the freedom of coding and designing it any way you like. Basically, it is like GeoCities reinvented. You can also use NeoCities to experiment with web designs, explore other users pages and see how people are getting creative with their free spaces (www.pakibuz.neocities.org, www.physicube.neocities.org). Since the domain name is free,it will have”.neocities”following the name you specified in the address. You can code or tweak your site from your browser very easily. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about coding, there are plenty of tutorials and learing resources on the internet.

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

Ten Websites Must Try For Creative Minds

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