Social Media Strategy Plan in 6 Steps For your Business?

Social Media Strategy Plan in 6 Steps For your Business?

With the advent of social networks, all brands want their Facebook page and Twitter account. For what purpose? To answer what business goals? Many have not really thought about it. Yet, brands are more likely to want to quantify the value of Social Media: this is where the issue of ROI on social networks arises.

Between ill-defined goals and metrics too many, the confusion sets. If your brand is present on social networks and you do not have a Social Media strategy, it may be time to define one!

Social Media Strategy Plan in 6 Steps For your Business?

Social Media Strategy Plan in 6 Steps For your Business?

Avoid: 3 Common Mistakes Social Media Strategy

# 1 The cart before the horse

According to eMarketer Report, 80% of marketing managers begin by defining the tactical objectives before. And this is the first trap that should be avoided falling. How do I know what tactics to establish if you have not thought about the goals we want to accomplish?
# 2 Make as neighbor

The second mistake is to reproduce exactly the Social Media strategies that have worked for other brands, without verifying that they meet the objectives that we have set ourselves: always goals goals!
# 3 Being everywhere

And finally, the third common error is that the old mantra which stated “must be present everywhere.” Being everywhere is a waste of time, money and energy. Be present where it is relevant for your brand to be. Choose and focus on the social networks where you see results.

Defining a Strategy Social Media
6 steps to set up your Social Media Strategy
Step # 1: Define the objectives

What aspects of your business are affected by Social Media? Marketing, customer service, sales, human resources …? Unless you’re a small organization, it is important to define which departments within your company are concerned because the goals of each do not match the objectives of the other.
What are the objectives? Who is your audience? Why I want to be on the network, what Social Media will bring to my business? Your goals must be clear, specific, measurable and realistic.

Step # 2: Analyze the competition

A benchmark. Before jumping into the design of the strategy feet, analyze bests practices and what the competition is doing.
Make a list of social networks on which it seems appropriate to position yourself and innovative operations that you could implement.

Step # 3: Develop a social positioning

What is the positioning of your brand on social networks? You have a global marketing position, but you need to fit into a social concept and conversational: it should encourage your audience to engage in a conversation with you.
Your social position must be unique, encourage commitment and realistic: do not sell dreams, your audience must be able to think and navigate.

Step # 4: Define the strategy in detail

After drawing up the list of social networks on which you wish to be present, it is necessary to define for each of them:

social media goals
KPIs (key performance indicators) to analyze
editorial strategy
the major themes
highlights (activations)
conversational calendar

Step # 5: Establish a process

Assemble your team. Who is in charge of social media? community management? Are you delegate strategy and / or operating a specialized agency?
Establish a clear timetable that specifies when and by whom are insured shipments expected key deliverable (including conversational calendars).

Step # 6: Put everything in writing

Write the guidelines. At this stage, it is necessary to detail in writing the previous steps in a folder that will be available to all major players in the design and implementation of your social media strategy.

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