Small Business Funding Options

Specialized financing options to the company for Small Business Funding Options.

Your business is different from others; its opportunities, challenges and needs of its own. So you need a financial plan that takes into account all aspects of your business plan. We will review your key priorities and put our expertise to good use for the insurance of success, in the future.

Small Business Funding Options

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Business investment in solar power projects

Whether you want to add a new revenue stream to your small business or you are just concerned about energy costs, investing in renewable energy projects can help you save money and provide your business a competitive advantage convincing .

Many companies adopt environmental sustainability and find ways to strategically reduce their ecological footprint and the costs of the small business. There are a few years, critics have dismissed the commercial prospects of of hand by mentioning that high costs were associated with environmental sustainability and that it offered little benefit. Today, however, people understand that there are real quantifiable benefits of greening the specialized operation and the resulting increased competitiveness is increasingly important for the survival of the company in the long term.
Small Business funding company

  • Loans for the financing of small businesses in Canada

The loan for the financing of a small business (CSBF), backed by the government, used to finance expansion of businesses up to $ 500,000.

  • Farm Improvement and Marketing Cooperatives Loans Act

Ready Farm Improvement and Marketing Cooperatives (FIMCLA) is a government program designed to provide loans to foster the development of small businesses and agricultural products.

 Credit Availability Program

In order to help small businesses to obtain financing in this period of economic uncertainty, the federal government created as part of its 2009 budget, the Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP).

This program provides five billion dollars in additional loans (loans and other credit support and enhancement funding) to businesses with viable business models through Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Bank Business Development (BDC) in close cooperation with private sector lenders, such as RBC Royal Bank.

Any solvent company seeking financing to support its operations can make a credit application as part of the program.

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