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Bachelor of Science in small Business Administration (BS) – Small Business Management

Drawing from real-world successes and failures, the concentration that you grow your existing business or starting a new one to meet demand management skills can get. Customer relationships and gain valuable insight into the importance of strategic marketing and immediately in your current job or in the planning stages of a new venture to start implementing the new strategy to take the opportunity. In this concentration, you start ups, e-commerce, or family businesses, including small business franchise model, picketing and case studies that will analyze real business plan.

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Find a meaningful career small business loan no credit

BS in Business Administration degree from Walden career and income growth can open the door to a lifetime. Also you can really make a difference, to find a meaningful career that can enhance your ability.

Reach your potential

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Walden, you give yourself a chance for success are greater. Take the first step in your career path and a master’s and a doctoral degree can lead to prepare yourself for additional study.

Develop skills for success in: – problem solving – Communication – Leadership – Critical thinking

Learning Outcomes

The student who do Graduation in this program will be prepared to: – basic principles of business to operate in both domestic and global environment that enable companies to demonstrate the efficiency of practices.

In the real world to solve business problems, critical thinking and analysis skills employment.

Ethical issues, economic, political, legal and social approach to analyze the impact that business decisions.

Diversity to achieve their goals in a way which affects the ability of a company description.

As a strategy for competitive advantage in small business application of technology assessment.

Business domain to acquire new knowledge to use scholarly sources to conduct basic research.

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