How Can Your Blog be more SEO Friendly 6 Basic SEO Tips!

How Can Your Blog be more SEO Friendly 6 Basic SEO Tips!

How Can Your Blog be more SEO Friendly 6 Basic SEO Tips!

Here at often hear this question and certainly the average user is difficult to choose any of the thousands of SEO tips that exist. Online you will find unlimited material on optimizing a website or how can your blog be more search engine friendly. Countless articles, tutorials, ebooks, whitepapers, social media groups that discuss the best techniques for SEO, webinars specifically designed to accommodate and how many SEO gurus yet .. So, what works best and what measures are proposed to show a website “high” in most popular search engine, Google;

Before you read the 6 key tips we gathered for you, it is good to have in mind that SEO actions proposed to be driven by the users and not search engines .. also the users who will visit, will comment, notify, will share the content of your website, all of which will be analyzed in the course Google to display your website or blog up!

1) The content counts, but Google rewards websites that offer quality content! The user wants to read information helpful and concise, you can easily share them with other users. Be sure to offer value to each user and he will reward you with positive comments. Also, if your content is republished from other websites (back links), eg. A press release, make sure every time something “fresh” and substance as it shows the search engines that the website is updated frequently and increase the popularity the.

2) Make sure to metadata, the URL structure, the internal links, the keywords:

– Improve the metadata with brief descriptions to 70 characters in the title and up to 150 characters in the description,

– Change my URL structure to “make sense” and the Googlebot and the user. URLS form will not help ..

-Good URL structure will help google bot to index

– Establish good internal links, for example when the user selects a specific subcategory to your site to be driven to it and not the homepage ..

– Place on appropriate keywords and the content of the website and all the above. Take care, however, not to overdo it, because you will not make sense and the user may impair the classification of your site ..

3)Use the tools that Google has designed for you, such as Google Webmaster Tools, as there you will find that you need for SEO tips, all written by experts!

4) For you who use the WordPress CMS and solid programming skills, take a look at WP plugins! You will find that you need to optimize the quality and performance of your website or blog with most plugins are free to.

5) Do not skip their mobile users and invested in the mobile version of your website, offering users a design that responds to the small screen. Where everything revolves around the relevance, took care to guide mobile users to relevant pages, specially designed for any mobile device use .. will appreciate and users and Google!

6) Investing in social media! The popularity of a website (popularity), the confidence that the user (trust) and authority (authority) of the content and the author of a blog, are some of the important milestones which calculates Google to display your website “tall “. Be sure to include social sharing buttons to your website to make it easy for every user to share quality content with your social community. Optimize the appearance and popularity of your website or blog to social media, promoted the discussions and recommendations around the brand and your online presence you will off!

You, what SEO practices of these follow on your own website or blog; Do share with us and others?

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