Majestic SEO Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics has introduced two matrix “ trust flow and citation flow” that gives Google’s page rank Today I will give you complete introduction about these terms.

What is Citation flow?

The matrix of majestic which are designed to Predict how to influential URL might be depend on how many sites link to it.

The capability of your site or blog, To have an impression on the readers of your site or those who are interested in your domain or niche. It is also observed that there is direct relation between trust flow of a domain and the number of traffic that it is gaining.

What is Trust Flow?

This is also matrix of majestic which are designed to predict how trustworthy a page is based on the QUALITY of backlinks pointing to the site.If trust flow is higher of site or blog, then it means it has a high-quality backlink .High-quality backlinks means Google will rank and boost your site.

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Trust Ratio

Trust ratio of a site can be obtained by diving citation flow and trust flow. If the value of trust ratio is 1 then your website has high page rank if this ratio is less than 1 it is also acceptable but if its very low then it means your website has spam back links and your site has low page rank

Here I will you give you a clear concept of trust ratio by explaining with two site of different trust and citation flow

trust flow/citation flow =trust ratio

Excellent website

Trust flow=68

Citation flow=52


Trust ratio of this site is greater than 1 that mans it has high page rank and it has trustworthy backlinks.

Poor website

Trust flow=7

Citation flow=34


Trust ratio of this site is less than 1 that means this site has low page rank.

I hope this article With complete information and examples

Will give you a lot of help in understanding these terms

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