Latest Link Building Techniques 2014

Latest Link Building Techniques 2014

Back links having each site have will be one of the most important elements for SEO. While most thought that would be more important Authority, for new small business site and the number of back links is still very important ! There are many sites that still use them today only directories and still not have been punished . Certainly it is very important to always follow white hat strategies and directories have a basic Authority . Also it is very important to follow a variety of strategies and not only mia.Stin then present the best , white hat techniques that are in my view and use Seo Solution in the last year.

Latest Link Building Techniques 2014

Latest Link Building Techniques 2014

Link Building Techniques repeated every week :

1.) Guest blogging. You can start using the platforms Myblogguest or Guestr. Of course you can even ” watch ” your competitors and each time you do it in a site guest post to ask you the same. With this technique, post him an article to an external blog and earn usually 1 με 2 links.

2.) Broken link building. Following this technique find broken links on other sites and sending a mail to the Webmaster of you wanted to replace the old link with one of your own , where you build a very good page with similar content . Two very good tools that you can use are : a) Broken Link Building, b) Broken Link Checker.

3. ) Track your competitors . To do this you can use the program Freshwebexplorer. So you can find opportunities where you will be able to put the link or you can request a guest post or press release.

4.) HARO. This program is an opportunity in itself . Several journalists from major worldwide blogs and online magazines send you a mail with the information they ask for the article you are preparing . So if you choose the information you sent, you will have the opportunity to earn a very good link with Authority!

5.) Landing pages. Construct one page if possible by one or two weeks . Especially since the new algorithm Hummingbird is very important to have pages optimized for long tail keywords and phrases.

6.) Http:// Use this page to submit you to various Social media and thus gain from most sites a dofollow link.

Special Link Building techniques that can be performed once a month or even more rarely :

1. ) Construction guides PDF. For example , if you have a hotel you can make a guide for your area with the best shops for food in the surrounding area . So anyone writes an article for your site may be mentioned in your guide and thereby earn a link.

2. ) Create Info graphic. Used just like the PDF with more likely to become re share various PDF. For more information you can read in our previous article on the value of infogrpahics for SEO

3.) Wikipedia. If your business is midsize try to be included in the huge encyclopedia Wikipedia.

4. ) Organize a contest depending on the sector in which the business.

5. ) Construct an app for mobile phones . If you are really good you mentioned in many articles , various online magazines as one of the best app of the year .

6. ) Construct an application for various widget. Then you can give free and in return you will gain a link to your site .

7. ) I mention the two most important directories: Dmoz and Yahoo, which are very important for the SEO of a page.

If you manage and successfully use at least half of these techniques for a time then you will have good chances to succeed in getting you on the first page of Google results within a year . (of course referring to because in quite easier ) .

I hope the article to appear useful and if you feel that you have some technique yet do not hesitate to mention it in the comments below.

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