ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced

ICC has announced the fixtures for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced jointly held by Australia & New Zealand.
The tournament will have fourteen nine matches played during the span of 44 days,across 14 cities in both the countries.The tournament would have 14 teams divided into two groups of 7 teams each.

Both the hosts will begin their campaign with matches against England and Sri Lanka at Melbourne and Christchurch respectively.Defending champions India, will start their title defense match against arch-rivals Pakistan at Adelaide on 15th February 2015.

Pool A: England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Qualifier 2 and Qualifier 3

Pool B: South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies Zimbabwe, Ireland and Qualifier 4

Venue cities: Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier, Nelson, Hamilton, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Wellington

Fixtures for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced to be held in New Zealand and Australia from February 14 to March 29, 2015.

DATE                       MATCH                                                         VENUE

February 14         Sri Lanka vs New Zealand                           Christchurch
February 14         England vs Australia                                     Melbourne
February 15         South Africa vs Zimbabwe                           Hamilton
February 15         India vs Pakistan                                           Adelaide
February 16         West Indies vs Ireland                                  Nelson
February 17           New Zealand vs Qualifier 3                         Dunedin
February 18          Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2                           Canberra
February 19          Zimbabwe vs Qualifier 4                              Nelson
February 20         England vs New Zealand                              Wellington
February 21          Pakistan vs West Indies                               Christchurch
February 21         Australia vs Bangladesh                               Brisbane
February 22         Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2                                Dunedin
February 22         India vs South Africa                                    Melbourne
February 23         England vs Qualifier 3                                  Christchurch
February 24         West Indies vs Zimbabwe                            Canberra
February 25          Ireland vs Qualifier 4                                    Brisbane
February 26         Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3                               Dunedin
February 26         Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh                               Melbourne
February 27         South Africa vs West Indies                         Sydney
February 28         Australia vs New Zealand                             Auckland
February 28         India vs Qualifier 4                                        Perth
March 1                England vs Sri Lanka                                     Wellington
March 1                Pakistan vs Zimbabwe                                   Brisbane
March 3               South Africa vs Ireland                                  Canberra
March 4               Pakistan vs Qualifier 4                                   Napier
March 4               Australia vs Qualifier 2                                  Perth
March 5               Bangladesh vs Qualifier 3                              Nelson
March 6               India vs West Indies                                       Perth
March 7               South Africa vs Pakistan                               Auckland
March 7              Zimbabwe vs Ireland                                      Hobart
March 8              New Zealand vs Qualifier 2                           Napier
March 8              Australia vs Sri Lanka                                    Sydney
March 9              England vs Bangladesh                                  Adelaide
March 10            India vs Ireland                                               Hamilton
March 11             Sri Lanka vs Qualifer 3                                  Hobart
March 12            South Africa vs Qualifier 4                            Wellington
March 13            Bangladesh vs New Zealand                         Hamilton
March 13            England vs Qualifier 2                                   Sydney
March 14            India vs Zimbabwe                                         Auckland
March 14           Australia vs Qualifier 3                                  Hobart
March 15           West Indies vs Qualifier 4                             Napier
March 15            Pakistan vs Ireland                                        Adelaide
March 18           Quarterfinal 1                                                   Sydney
March 19           Quarterfinal 2                                                  Melbourne
March 20          Quarterfinal 3                                                  Adelaide
March 21          Quarterfinal 4                                                  Wellington
March 24          Semifinal 1                                                       Auckland
March 25          Semifinal 2                                                      Sydney

March 29                         Final                                                        Melbourne

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Timetable Announced

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