How to Promote Your Teens Driving Safety

How about asking first, does Pakistan even have such programs? Do Lahore roads even have rules for the young generation owning latest Honda’s or Land Cruisers?

B.R.A.K.E.S (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe) is a driving program, provided by Kia Motors America. It’s a non-profit program that has already reached a milestone in promoting teen driving safety by instructing 20,000 students since 2008. This program offers intensive training programs to both teens and parents for hands-on exercises in order to prevent road injuries and accidents.

It’s claimed that teens graduating from B.R.A.K.E.S are 64% less likely to get into accidents for the first three years of driving. The reason why this program is brought up is because, recently, news about a serious teen accident on Motor Trader took us fiercely. Car crashes (including bikes) are the number-one cause for death of teens in Pakistan.

As much as latest cars buzzing on roads appeal, the worse is to see them crashing and killing people. This of course is not a fault of cars, but the drivers, and especially in case of Pakistan-getting a driving license is easy as it is to be seated in a luxurious vehicle. Moreover, it’s not even the license that falls re portable; rather it’s the drivers that are not aware of rules and regulations.

Unless you don’t learn, you’re not wrong! There’s more to driving than just speeding and a having a control on the brakes. Even Pakistan should promote schools and programs for instructing, especially the teenagers about driving including; crash avoidance, panic braking, distracted driving and car control. For now, here’s how parents can help such programs accomplish such goals.

How to Encourage Teen Driving Safety

If your young driver wants to ride and you’re teaching him on how to stay safe on the road, here are the major points to cover and focus on:

  • Texting While Driving- There’s only one rule to texting, “It is never okay to text while driving”. Various researches have shown how even a quick message can make you lose focus on the road for 4.6 seconds.
  • Taking/Making Calls While Driving– Taking or making a phone call while driving is even dangerous. Research has shown that being on the phone and driving is equivalent to being drunk and driving. There is simply no phone rule while driving.

Driving has never been limited to using a cell phone. Drinking, eating, taking care of your music and talking to other people while looking at them is enough to distract. Especially, in case of inexperience drivers, let your teen understand this that they should focus on driving when on road and behind the wheels.

  • Speeding– There’s always a speed limit to control accidents. So, make this understandable and clear that nothing over the posted limit is right, not even 5 miles. Keeping up with traffic always, is not the only choice.
  • Defensive Driving– Being able to drive very defensively is a very important aspect of teen driving. They should be taught how to stay aware of the traffic on sides, at back, and in front. They should always stay two second behind the car that is in front of them.
  • The Car– Don’t spends a fortune on your teen’s first car and rather pick a used car that fits a decent amount and can easily be given away. However, a used car with air bags and stability controls is important.

Remember, a lot of driving skills (and routine life habits) of your teen comes from you. So, give an excellent example by following safe driving habits. Teens are aggressive, as the age demands, but aggressiveness on roads can only bring deaths! You don’t want that, or your kids, and even the government of Pakistan should take active participation in making the traffic rules strict.

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