How to Gain Weight Fast (Tips) – Healthy Foods for Gaining the Weight

Gaining the Weight is a big issue for some people who are worried about their physical appearance and they want to gain their weight to use many of sources medicines but get no proper result and if they get any of result but that was a temporary so here we will tell you the simple easy to available foods that are much best in gaining the weight and there is no at all any of side effect from these foods

Some people have no patients so they use the thing like Supplements and medicine for gaining the weight in short time but the side effects of these things are much bad for the health and human body as well some advertisements in Media TV and specially in newspapers where the fake experts and shop keepers for their profit advertise the product with description that (Gain weight in  just seven days) with no side effect but trust me these all type of products have dangerous side effects so be ware from these type of products and medicine

The following are natural and much healthy foods for gaining the Weight


For increasing your weight, the top and first healthy diet is milk. no doubt the milk is powerful diet for all with all age so if you want to increase your weight, we suggest you use milk daily and if you use mil with fruits that is overloaded best for health


The rice is full of natural protein and minerals and it helps to increase the body size the much better way to use the rice is to use it with milk boiling the rice and after boil use it with milk or with other thing helps you to gain the weight

Butter and Yogurt

Butter and Yogurt are the best and very helpful to gain the weight fast usage of butter and yogurt specially in breakfast have unlimited benefits for human health and body we suggest to use the butter and yogurt daily

Potatoes and Starches

The another easily available food in every home is potato and starch the boiled potato are very helpful in gaining the weight fast we suggest you to use the potatoes and starches in your daily routine if you want to grow your body fast and in save and for long-term

Eggs / Juices

Eggs and Juices of fresh Fruits in breakfast have countless advantages for the health and body of human because the egg and fruits are full of those proteins and calories which are needed for gaining the weight use these foods daily

Meat and Cheese

This food meat and cheese is not so available at every home it is costly food but if you want to look healthy you must use these foods to grow your body fast the cheese and meat and their usage give a strong push to human body if you cannot use them in routine use them once in week or at least in 15 days

Bread and Bakery Items

Another healthy food is bread and bakery items like biscuits baqarkhani cake etc are good to use to look healthy it will help you to gain the weight fast so use it in your breakfast

Dry Fruits and Seeds

Dry Fruits and Seeds specially in winter are best ever food to gain the weight quickly it is full of fat proteins grow the health and make the body fat as you want to make it. it is costly diet but much sound in gaining the weight use it as you can as your pocket allow to use it

Vegetables and Fat Oils

The fresh vegetables and fat oil in your lunch and dinner make you healthy in quick so use as much vegetables and fat oils in your diet daily to gain the weight in the fast manners


Fresh Fruits also help to gain the weight as much you required fruits like banana apple etc. I think much need for every person it will help you to protect from a number of disease and also help to make you healthy

General Tips and Instructions

  • Make a diet Plan
  • Go for exercise daily
  • Go to bed early
  • Must walk after meal
  • Use the all things in manner
  • Make the chart of foods which you are using daily
  • Beware from any medicine and supplements
  • Never use junk foods in out of limit
  • Take a proper sleep
  • Must use above mention foods

If you will follow the above diet and foods and follow the instructions we sure you will get you weight increase as you want and it will protect you from any bad suffering and make your health a strong healthy man so never use the short cuts use a proper way to gain the weight

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