How To Free Get $100 Facebook coupon

How To Free Get $100 Facebook coupon

We show you how get free $100 credit in Facebook shared complete proses to ho How To Free Get $100 Facebook coupon free of cost its a trick

Check the detail here and enjoy

You will need:
1) Many Facebook accounts
2) Valid email address and phone number
3) Random personal data (find it here ­ )
1) Log in to your new Facebook account

2) Go to this URL ­­agency­yourclients

3) Fill in the form.
Agency name: Put some random name,
Agency website: put some random url,
Agency location: Select any country,
Phone: put your phone number(they might call you),
Work mail: put valid email (you will get coupons in that email),
other fields­ you can put in anything…
5) AFTER that, you will have to create pages (make sure they have basic info, like picture,
address…). When any of your pages gets 1000 likes (you can use any type of likes – real
people/bots), they will send you a coupon. Repeat the same thing with all of the pages you
create (get them to have at least 1000 likes) and you will get a coupon for each of them.
6) When you do that and they send you coupons in your email, just apply it (find more info
here ­

. That’s it and be patient (it took me 2
weeks to get it).
7) Make sure you read their Terms of service and rules for getting and applying coupons!!
8) This is from their page:­agency­benefits

9) Photo for a reference:

How To Free Get $100 Facebook coupon

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