How to downgrade itunes

Since iTunes 12.1 has broken restores to iOS 8.1.2 and for some user’s, TaiG fails to detect it, here is a guide on how to revert back to iTunes 12.0.1.
Here are complete gudie line to how to downgrade itunes

downgrade itunes

  1. Uninstall Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, iCloud and iTunes 12.1.
  2. Rename iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library.bak. This file is located in C:\Users[your username]\Music\iTunes on Windows. On a Mac, it’s located in ~/Music/iTunes.
  3. Reboot the computer.
  4. Install iTunes 12.0.1: Windows 32-bitWindows 64-bitOS X.


1-Go to Control Panel and uninstall Itunes.

2-Even when you uninstall Itunes, Apple still leaves behind old files that need to be uninstalled too. Go and run Microsoft Troubleshooter at Let it run and select the problem as being unable to install software. It will show a list of programs, select iTunes. The Troubleshooter will do all the work for you.

3-Now run the old Itunes software you got from step 1 and install it.

4- When the old Itunes first runs, you will get an error reading “Library.itl can’t be read”. To fix this, go to the local music folder on your computer. For example on my system it’s located in C:\Users\YourUSERNAME\Music\iTunes. From there delete the Library.itl file and then launch iTunes again and it should work as it will create its own version of the Library.itl file.

Now itunes downgrade enjoy and comments plzzzzzzzzz

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