How to Create a Blog for Free Step by Step Guide

When we talk about blogging it is a new term coined in the World Wide Web or internet. The word Blog was proposed by Peter Merholz. He used the word blog jokingly to his blog. Earlier it was known as weblog. As blog is the short term of weblog (web log) and it was coined by Jorn Barger and later by Evan Williams of pyra lab used the word blog in his product and the term blog become popular.

What Is Blogging And How To Create An Awesome Blog?

It is type of website or journal used to express daily thought and ideas of individuals. Blog is different from ordinary websites. A blog is that where readers comment or give feedback below each articles, but some blogs did not allow comments. Blog is a popular word used worldwide today.
In one word you can call blog as an online diary where one can update their personal interest and business information. One can write about a specific subject they like most on blog  about. So blog gives a way to be famous through cyberspace.
Blog is used to post their thoughts and ideas, tips, tricks, opinion etc. by individuals and companies. Blog remain a short history but I am not talking about blog history. In simple word blog is content oriented website where update is need regularly. We can post our opinions and information in any way in our blog.

 How To Start A Free Blog?

Blog is very popular now a days. Starting a blog is very easy. We need a computer with an internet connection. If you want to make a free blog, google provides free blogger service where we can make free blogs. One can also use wordpress to create blogs.  There are other free blog services such as tumblr, weebly etc Read below article to create a blog.

Content Is The King

You need some posts or articles and healthy contents on your blog to earn some money. In one word blog is a well arranged website with useful content. Keep regular posting with good contents. Because ‘content is the king’. Without proper content we cannot succeed in blogosphere. Search engines like Yahoo, Google,  Bing etc wants quality content. So always write good and quality content.
I define blogger as hobby writer. If you are interested in sports you can write the events of sports, the activities of footballers, their performance in the field and other stuff related to their life.
If you are a tech expert you can review new gadgets in the market and solve tech problems on your blog. If you know blogging you can help other bloggers to earn money.
If you are photographer you can explain your experience in photography as well as teach others to be good in this profession. For example – How to become a good photographer? What is important in photography? How to take good photos ? etc
So the choice and interest is must here in blogging. Without any idea and creativity, passion and good content blog cannot attract your audience. We can get some ideas from other blogs. It can be your friends, your teacher or a fellow blogger of same niche.  If you have good readership then you can place ads on your blog so that you could make some extra bucks.

Few Steps To Make A Professional And Good Looking Blog

  • Select a good and appropriate template for your blog.
  • Select a short name for your blog (Like we have MP).
  • Make a tag line for your blog so that readers understand what your blog is all about.
  • Before writing find some ideas and information and then plan what you want to share with your audience.
  • Always check for any spelling and grammar mistakes as it is most important.
  • Read your article carefully before publishing.
  • Use good and relevant images in your post.
  • Give a credit to other bloggers when you use their content or idea.
  • Provide helpful and unique content to your readers.
  • Don’t apply for Adsense ads until your blog have 10-15k visitors.
  • Optimize your blog for SEO. Provide quality keyword for your contents.
These tips can help you to start a good blog and earn good money from blogging. I hope this information help you some extent to start a good blog. If you want more information about blogging keep in touch with us. In our next post you will get more info. thanks.

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