How And Why To Socialize With Your Blog Readers In An Effective Manner

Are you not getting enough traffic on your blog in spite of of writing good quality articles with relevant and useful information for your readers? What if I told you, your readers really don’t want to read your blog. You provide sufficient information but in the manner that bores your readers. Properly socializing with your readers is one important objective of a blog post. Boring them with just stats and figures will do no good to you but telling them the same information in a friendly manner will increase their participation and response. Today, we’ll take a look at a few techniques in writing, that you can use to effectively socialize with your blog readers, and their importance.

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What bloggers should realize is that Search Engine Optimization isn’t their primary goal, they also have a human audience that needs to be addressed properly. Ignoring this factor often makes bloggers write highly optimized blog posts but for the search engine and not for the user. The user finds it irritating and boring. Keeping them entertained is one key principle of blogging. Let’s take a look at a few techniques you can use here.

1. Use a friendly tone while writing

One of the easiest ways to socialize effectively with your blog audience is to use a friendly tone in writing. Instead of just giving the news like stubborn reporter, try to be frank with them and make them feel relaxed and entertained while reading your post. Frankness though has some limits you shouldn’t cross. You should try to satisfy both, the SEO robot and your human reader for maximum benefit.

2. Ask questions

You should ask questions within text thereby navigating your readers to the comments section. This would help them participate in the conversations which would maintain a good reputation of yours in their perspective and you can get subscribers in no time. That would greatly increase your interaction with the users and will keep you engaged and connected.

3. Participate actively in the comments section

Instead of just dragging your readers to the comment section and argue within themselves, try your best to be the part of every thread in the comment section. The readers will not only value your opinion there but will also be pushed to participate here themselves. This would help both the parties get a better understanding of each other and it will really help you write your next post, since you’d know your audience. Don’t keep replies pending for long. Use our recent comment widget to get updated about latest comment on your blog.

4. Write on what your readers like to read

You can effectively use the comments section to determine the taste and opinions of your users and the decision about what to write on narrows down. You can write on their submitted problems or major queries which will keep them actively participating on the blog because of being given importance to. Moreover, your readers are your target audience, try to analyze their basic taste and views on the subject and shape your planning accordingly.

5. Be open about yourself

Instead of just providing information about the subject, try to introduce yourself and give examples where required in the blog posts. Once people get to know you, they would feel close to you and your interaction will greatly improve. Such technique reduces the hesitations and differences people mostly have in their minds about others.

Why is this important?

Your readers are your key to getting everything. Whether its traffic, sharing or subscriptions, its your readers that will come to help. Behaving like a good human being with these readers will create a long lasting impression in their minds about you and they would consider you as an advisor and a friend which will increase your interactions and hence, the responses and yes, traffic! A characteristic of a good and successful blog is its large actively participating user base. Without being at good and friendly terms with the users, you can never really touch that mark.


The post surely covered some major techniques to make good relations with your readers. What’s your say on the title? Do you agree with our points here? Let us know in the comments section.

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