How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

The All in One SEO Plugin 2.0.3 is one of the best and most used SEO plugins for WordPress. With this plugin you have control of the titles, descriptions and tags that appears on every page, making the site better optimized for search engines.

Although it is easy to use, some users have doubts and difficulties in installing or using the plugin. Therefore, this article will teach you to install, configure and use the All in One SEO Plugin 2.0.3 .


1. Install All in One SEO

Installing this plugin is just like any other plugin. To install, do the following:

1. Scroll to the Admin Panel> Plugins> Add New;
2. Look for “All in One SEO Pack” and install the plugin created by “Michael Torbert.” It is important that this choice because there are other plugins with the same name;

3. Activate the plugin;


2. Configuring All in One SEO

After activating the plugin, a new link and icon have been added to the menu. To begin the configuration, enter this new menu. On this page we will choose the ideal options for the plugin function and optimize the SEO of the homepage.

It is important to remember that the settings you suggest may not be the most suitable for all types of sites, but it will do for most blogs, forums or portals that use wordpress.

Let’s start:

1st General Options

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3


1.’s An option that will not change how the plugin works. If you made a donation to offset the work of the designer, select the option;
2.’s An important option that should be selected. The canonical tag prevents pages as are considered as duplicate content (eg / page and / page);
3. This option must be active, but some subjects may have problems. If page titles (the titles that appear in the browser) are evil, turn off and the problem should disappear;
4. For advanced users only. Keeps a log of important events, but you probably will not need.

2nd Options Home

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

1. Write the title of the site. This title appears in the browser and also in the search results. Recommended maximum size: 70 characters;


2. Summarize on your blog. This information will be used in the description of the search results. Recommended maximum size: 160 characters;


3. Type some keywords related to your site. Although not significant (Google, for example, ignores this information), you should use a few (and good) words. Exaggeration may seem spam;

3rd Keywords

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

The keywords, or key words in Portuguese, serve to inform search engines that the website speaks / is related to those words.

At this time the keywords have little influence, the search engines have evolved and analyze the site based on the content. Now do not give much importance (Google now ignores) and so can disable this option.

In case you want to use keywords, consider disabling the other options so you can manually generate these words in each article.

4th Titles

This part allows you to control page titles.

1. Enable this option to have the titles (which appear in the browser and in the search results) can be optimized in each article;
2. (Optional) Let the initial letter of each word in the title capitalized. Ex: tutorial on seo plugin> Plugin Tutorial About Seo;
3. (Optional) Does the same as the previous option, but the category pages;
4. up to 10. Among the options 4:10, the original settings are sufficient. Are “templates” for titles of pages, posts, categories, etc.. We recommend that you leave it as is, but if you want to change something, you can consult the tags available by clicking the Help button (?) On the left side of each option;

11. The title appears in error pages. Translate only the text in Portuguese and English to keep the tag %request_words% at the end.
12. Navigate through the blog archive is divided into several pages. This option allows you to change the title of these pages. Translate only “Part” to “Home” and the titles will be “Name Your Blog – Page 2

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

5th Custom Posts

If you use Custom Post Types in your site, enable both options.

If you are unsure, leave the options as they are in the image and the plugin will work only on those pages if they exist.

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

6 Widget Optimization

The All in One SEO will add a “widget” on each page to create or edit articles, pages and middle so you can enter a title, description and keywords customized.

Let’s talk this widget later on, for now leave all options outstanding.

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

7 Check Site

By adding your site to Google Web master Tools or Bing Web master Tools, one of the confirmatory methods is to insert a code into the site (between the tags).

If you chose this method, paste the codes here. If you chose another method of confirmation or has not yet submitted the site, leave blank.

8 Analytics and Google Plus

1. (Optional but recommended) Enter here the URL of your profile on Google Plus. This is the general profile of the blog, all articles that will be assigned to you. It is recommended that each author paste your link in the field that appears in Google Plus profile page wordpress;
2. Leave the option unchecked so that each user can put the link in the profile;
3. (Optional) If you use Google Analytics and do not want to use another plugin or theme changes to paste the code, write here your ID Analytics.

9 Indexing

This part is very important because it will prevent search engines do not find duplicate content. To realize the importance of these options, we will try to explain how the files work:

The categories (1) Archive by dates (2) File and Tags (3) are file pages of wordpress. All items are in category X will appear on the homepage, the page file and the category archive page by date.

As the same article appears in several places, can be considered duplicate content and it is bad for the website. The solution to inform search engines that certain parts of the site should not be indexed (should not appear in search results).

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

We recommend that you leave only the first option unchecked (to be indexed) – the categories – and let the file dates and tags marked (not to be indexed.) However, if you give more importance to the tags of the categories, you can do instead. It all depends on how you organize content.

10 Advanced Options

We ended this part and this can leave the original settings, but leave a little explanation about each option in case you want to use.

1. The plugin should create automatic descriptions for items without descriptions? (Recommended: leave option checked);
2. Removing the descriptions of file pages (eg page file initial)? (Recommended: leave unchecked);
3. Leaving Post Meta Fields unprotected? (Recommended: leave unchecked);
4. (Optional) Whether the plugin does not work in a page? If yes, click on help to learn how to add one or more pages;
5. to 8. (Optional) Want to add some tag nodes Articles (5) Pages (6) or Home (7)?;

Keep the Change!

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3
Do not forget to save whenever you make any changes.

3. How to use the All in One SEO

Now that the plugin is already installed and configured, let pass the optimization of each post or page.

Below the space where we edited the articles or pages, a new widget appears where you can configure and optimize the SEO of each page:
How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3
1. This option is for you to have an idea of ​​how the item will appear in search results;
2. Type the custom title for the article;
3. Write a description about the item (whether direct, and summarize the content of the page);
4. Keywords of the post;
5. Do not allow search engines to index the post / page;
6. Use the tag “nofollow” ( read more about this tag );
7. Disable the All In One SEO on this page;

Example of an Optimized Post:

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3
To save the changes, just have to keep, update or publish your post / page.


In this tutorial we learn to install, configure and use the All In One SEO plugin. If you have any questions about the plugin, leave a comment or use the official forums for support wordpress.

 How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

How to Configure All In One SEO Plugin 2.0.3

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