Customer Care Center at (800) 522-9085 or For a convenient and fast way to order large quantities of stamps for your business, contact us at 1-800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724) or email How do I talk to a real person at USPS? Please use the information below for customer support regarding […]

For most people, a home is considered the biggest deal of his life buy. Structured settlements and in some cases, compensation and duration of a person’s life for the present value of the settlement of financial reasons can reach a few million dollars. cash for my structured settlement Therefore strongly […]

Bachelor of Science in small Business Administration (BS) – Small Business Management 2015 Drawing from real-world successes and failures, the concentration that you grow your existing business or starting a new one to meet demand management skills can get. Customer relationships and gain valuable insight into the importance of strategic […]

Specialized financing options to the company for Small Business Funding Options. Your business is different from others; its opportunities, challenges and needs of its own. So you need a financial plan that takes into account all aspects of your business plan. We will review your key priorities and put our […]

When you go to sell structured settlement, the time value of money Structured Settlements financial package or through regularly scheduled installments through an annuity or for a fixed period or for life be paid to the claimant to allow the settlement of financial agreements are . Structured settlement to cover […]


What is a business plan? By definition, a business plan describes how to conduct a particular activity over a period data. A plan usually contains a review of the current business situation and proposes an overall business strategy for a given period, say the next three years. the plan should […]

Sell your structured settlement If you currently receive payout from a structured settlement, you may be wondering if you have a lump sum of cash can exchange your monthly payouts. Although the financial hardship structured settlements were created to protect plaintiffs and injured parties, often changing circumstances, and at the […]

Bplans is a website that provides information and resources to helping entrepreneurs succeed Free Sample Business Plans. From software to models, templates and sample business plans completely free are available to entrepreneurs, just select the industry of your interest and start browsing the different options. The only downside is that […]

Small Business Administration there are several minority business certification programs available that help small business firms to go ahead. Recognizing the potential of emerging entrepreneurs, the US federal government stated in these certification programs to enable them to compete with industry giant are reining in the Federal market for many […]

Structured settlement cash now carry out a cash advance is relatively simple when the loan amount is small, but particularly difficult when it increases. In the first case, a simple consumer loan without any collateral (mortgage or bank guarantee), and will be sufficient for your bank adviser and the many […]