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kristen archives is best story teller and creator kristen archive abortion ready complete article on this place and ask question it about the kristen archives After-Abortion Stories Exhale Pro-Voice holds space for abortion story-sharing – both reading others’ stories and writing your own. Should you chose to add your voice to Exhale Pro-Voice After-Abortion Stories, … Read more

How to Do a Workout at Home?


In various situations such as cold or rainy weather, availability of time, or extreme situations, such as the need for social isolation for health reasons, for example, doing a workout at home can be the solution to find the balance between mind and body. With or without equipment, you can get the best result in … Read more

Top 5 Food for Glowing your Skin

Top 5 Food for Glowing your Skin

Most of us are born with a healthy and supple skin. However, as we age, our skin becomes less shiny and confronted with everyday wear. A good news is that, although the quality of the skin is partly in our genes, there are many things we can do to betterment. Causes of wrinkles, dryness and … Read more