Cases of Mesothelioma with concordant diagnosis to be found in QCR, 1975 to 2003 the proportion of cases of mesothelioma pleural the CSMPP recognized by health region, pleural mesothelioma cases, by the distribution by age group there, (not found or found with the diagnostic mismatch) QCR were found consistent with […]

Breast cancer is a leading type of cancer in women. It develops from breast tissues and is a more invasive cancer in females worldwide. In developed countries there are more cases of breast cancer have been seen, because women in these countries live longer life than the developing countries, because […]

Food and exercise plan to lose weight in 2 weeks Do sports exercises to lose weight and eat rationally is clearly preferable to a strict fasting to lose weight. Paradoxically lunch is not a good way to lose weight quickly and permanently. A significant calorie reduction and a sharp short-term […]

The 8 Best Foods in Pregnancy You are Pregnant! Now what to do is only caring yourself both physically and emotionally. No doubt, you can boost your chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby by following using few simple guidelines from the eating point of view because […]

Top 5 Food for Glowing your Skin Most of us are born with a healthy and supple skin. However, as we age, our skin becomes less shiny and confronted with everyday wear. A good news is that, although the quality of the skin is partly in our genes, there are […]

Risks of self-medication A Harmful practice.self medication is the use of non prescribe medicines by people on their own initiative.self medication is mostly practiced for the disorder like headache, cold, fevers, digestive problems, diarrhea, acidity and constipation. we know brufen for headache, benadryl for sore throat, paracetamol for fever as […]

Headache Causes Problem and Treatment here we discus, Headache becoming so common problem now-a-day, headache is define as pain in the head that is located above the eyes or the ears, Behind the head (occipital),or in back of the upper neck headache,like chest pain or dizziness has many causes, there […]

Beautiful And Shiny Hairs Tips Image:glamgirlnaturals Beautiful And Shiny Hairs Tips Every one desires to have beautiful and shiny hairs as it enhances our beauty and confidence level s we are going in a gathering so it’s very essential to keep the hairs beautiful. Hairs are made of protein and […]