The newer and more valuable your auto, the bigger a loan that you will be eligible for. A personal loan is another means to borrow the money you require. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a secured loan by means of your car used as […]

A drop down is really essential tool or widget for any blog or websites. It gives real feel or look of the template or blog. Drop down menu lets users easily navigate through different parts of the blog. In this tutorial i will teach you to add simple navigation menu […]

As you all know good and relevant widgets make your blog easy to navigate and can help to keep visitors engaged on your blog. Today i will teach you to add such useful widget to your blog. This blogger widget looks cool on your blog as well as helps user […]

In this post i will teach you to add simple Button or Icon to your blog to make your readers easily go back to top of the page. If your readers are browsing through dozens of posts on your blog, this simple plugin will let them to jump directly to […]

In this tutorial i will teach you to enable and customize 404 Error page for your blogger blog. A 404 Error occurs when you try to visit  a page that does not exist or has been deleted. Adding a 404 error page will let your visitors go back to previous […]

In few post back i share with you guys a tutorial on customizing blogger default subheading using Html & CSS. Styling the Headings lets users to locate certain part of the post easily and make your content look more attractive. In this tutorial i will share with you guys 4 […]

Awesome Blockquote Styles CSS helps you separate certain text from the main article or post. It can help you share codes to your readers or share special message or important idea. We have previously share with you guys tutorial on customizing blockquote on your bloggers blog, in this post i […]

Images serves as a great part in an individuals blog traffic. It does not matter if the blog is on bloggers or wordpress platform. People most often search for images on google for their Profile picture, wallpapers and even for their blogs article or tutorials. So optimizing images properly can […]

I have previously share a tutorial on adding blogger default RSS subscription box. But the default form is not so cool and unattractive. In today tutorial i will share with you awesome subscription box styled with Html & CSS. This widget is simple and will blend in any blogger template. […]