Cash Advance on a Structured Settlement

Structured settlement cash now carry out a cash advance is relatively simple when the loan amount is small, but particularly difficult when it increases. In the first case, a simple consumer loan without any collateral (mortgage or bank guarantee), and will be sufficient for your bank adviser and the many credit agencies. We will not consider this type of loan here.

 structured settlement buyouts

The cash advance, as we understand it here, takes the form of a mortgage and is to assign no particular destination, so with free use, a sum of money to be repaid to the credit of the term cash.

 structured settlement buyouts

Why a mortgage for a cash advance?

To understand, let’s buy a property. Here, the bank loan a sum of money whose purpose is the financing of real estate, and takes a warranty on this property. In case of failure repeated payment of loan installments, the bank will “play” the guarantee, and will thus make selling the property to pay off the debt of borrowers. structured settlement buyouts

Regarding the cash advance, the bank lends money without a specific object. The funds are there that says “free use”. If the sums lent are important, the bank will ask the guarantee in case of repeated non-payment of installments, it can recover the debt. We talk about cash advance with a mortgage because the object of funding other than the property subject to the mortgage.

The short-term cash advance

Atipa offers loans of short duration (maximum 5 years), the refund will be made once a “money back”. In general, it is provided by the sale of a property. This cash advance loan differs from conventional relays, whose purpose is the financing of a new property pending sale of another property. Here, funds are free to use. You can see our Mortgage Credit Facility for details.

Other sources of money coming in is possible. The bank will agree to fund the cash advance in that it can ensure that the funds will be fully available when the time comes to repay the loan.

Technically, funding is organized around a mortgage in fine.

Cash over a long period

Products used to finance a cash over a long period (up to 30 years) are different. The term cash advance is not suitable because of the repayment period.

These funds are reserved for customers with revenues of at least € 80,000 per year (all income: salary, dividends, rents …), a net wealth (estimated asset value less the outstanding loans) at less than € 500,000, and a substantial savings.

The mortgage can be either repayable or ultimately either have two periods (the first and the second in fine decipherable).

The reverse mortgage

The reverse mortgage (or HPV) is implemented in very specific cases where the borrower seeks relief funds freely and is not attached to his heritage.

Here again, the term cash advance is improper.

The cash advance for business

In general, funding for business is complicated. Especially here, because the funds paid can be used for your business or company.

Indeed, Atipa can offer you financing whose purpose is professional. If your company is healthy, that is, it does not need cash, and also for non-professional need, you want to apply for free funds to use, then your feed file Cash will be treated by our in mortgage brokers. Otherwise Atipa will not bring you solution.

Cash that is not a

You may be able to find a cash advance funding because you are unable to fund a particular object. For example, you are French but live abroad and wish to buy a property in your home country.

Another example, you want to make a cash payment of redemption.

In these cases (there are others) Atipa offers customized financing.

Which hinders banks

Banks and credit agencies have an obligation to fight against the fraudulent use of funds. They actually would make accomplices hidden activities if the cash was used for purposes unmentionable. So we understand why they may seem cautious to lend you money without justification.

Thus, they require fairly regularly, for information, the need of our customers.

User Guide for a cash plan


To ensure proper cash management, it is essential to establish a cash flow plan also called budget

Cash or cash flow forecast. This plan is materialized in the form of a table.

At the beginning of each year, the association prepares monthly forecasts (or bi-monthly) cash receipts and

disbursements target show the periods of failure and excess cash. this approach

can anticipate the use of bank overdrafts (or other funding solutions) and install a relationship

professional with his banker.

Regular update

The cash plan is a management tool “live”. It needs to be updated constantly (every new information

may change this).

Banking partners

Holding a cash plan is a guarantee of management. It is

called for in the constitution of any bank loans application file.

Reference documents

To determine the cash flow forecast, basic document critical business, we must summarize all cash outflows

which the association will face, and all receipts. This work requires a good knowledge of

the association and its activities. The leader can refer to the estimated budget agreements, supplier agreements.

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