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The business plan is the first and sometimes the only document text with integrated investment proposal, so it should be realistic and feasible, comprehensive, brief, understandable and captures the interest of the investor-financier.

The cafe business plans presented very briefly to the investor Рfinancier, but is accompanied by detailed tables, appendices, etc., In which he is able to visit for more information or confirmation of some items.


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  1. The summary

Business planning services we it explains the purpose of the project, what it originates, their leveBuilding Business Plans Construction & business planning servicesl of responsibility and reliability and finally detail the matters taken into account and proceeded with the drafting of the business plan. Then described very soon the company (any experience available), the products we produce, the markets in which it looks. Also, a brief presentation of the managers of the firm, outlined the proposed project and its objectives, is a summary of the main points of the expected sizes and yields these chronodromountai (annual sales, net income for the first five years, IRR, NPV ). Finally chronodromountai funds needed and the way it is proposed to use.

  1. The main part

2.1 History of the company

In this state the date started the current activity (if any), its development, historical data, balance sheets in recent years, accounting plan, accountants and internal audit reports, the current funding and shareholders and directors company.

2.2 Information on products

Includes product categories and their description, uniqueness of products and applications, technology applied and that has been established, future developments, and what are the benefits of products for consumers.

2.3 Information on the product market and the competitive landscape

Research on existing and planned purchases in relation to the firm’s position in the market

Dependence of the business or not by third parties

Existing or planned customers, allocation based on geographical and other criteria (segmentation), the company’s market share

Buying patterns of customers

Existing or future competition (strong-weak points, similarities, reaction patterns, ease / difficulty of entry of new competitors)

Technical and policy Marketing, Ways and penetration rates of business

Networks sales – disposal (directly or through representatives, exclusive or not)

Pricing of products based on their usefulness to the consumer and the target megistopoisi profit

Pricing and credit policy of the company,

Future developments (required – desirable)

Proposals for research and product development, development prospects

2.4 Technical part and the production process

Explanation of the production process

Sources obtain raw and auxiliary materials

Technology, provision of equipment and production flow

Use of subcontractors (in which parts of the product? At what cost? No agreements?)

Determination of production costs at different levels of production

Quality control

Reference to all regulations and licensing requirements or procedures required at national or Community level for the sale of products

2.5 Management

It includes the organizational structure of the company, descriptions of key positions, the CVs of the key executives of the company and the conditions of employment. Describes the overall staffing needs by category, needs for staff training, and proposed conditions of employment of the worker-clerical staff.

2.6 Economic analysis

Forecasts for the next five years for turnover, net income, cash flows, projected balance sheet, projected financial shape and neutral turnover.

2.7 Total investment required

Here are described in detail the basics of investing, time construction period, operating time of the unit, the tenders received and comparative tables, installation costs, seed costs, capital needs drive etc.

2.8 Required capital

Here are presented and chronodromountai the necessary funds (in stages or all from the beginning), detailing the funding sources and whether they are available guarantees. The net present value of estimated (Net Present Value, NPV) and internal rate of return (Internal Rate of Return, IRR) expected returns. Is to evaluate and control the degree of uncertainty of profitability of investment (break-even analysis, sensitivity analysis) when changing parameters on which we originally estimated (basic assumptions).

  1. Conclusions and Strategic objectives of the company

The business program closes with conclusions and presentation of strategic business objectives throughout the economic lifetime of the unit.

The main points of interest in a venture capital

The venture capital firm evaluating a business plan first to check is whether the assumptions and forecasts presented by the company are realistic. This is considered appropriate to include a clear and estimating uncertainty (risk) as follows:


Sales of business by product and total sales of all products produced

Gross profit of the enterprise in the product category and total

Period credit granted

Average age suppliers

Inventory levels and work in progress

Useful life of fixed assets of the company and annual rates of depreciation

Total project cost

Long and short term borrowing rates

The integration of business at any developmental provisions either national or Community

Tax rates applicable

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