Best ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET Website Hosting and SQL Server

The ASP.NET Hosting is the name that is hosting the files on the hard disks of servers connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, allowing your visibility and constant use. These servers organize their space hosting multiple Web sites or Web sites but assigning different IPs, so they share the hard drive but access is separately. It’s called shared hosting and cheap as it significantly reduces maintenance costs servers unlike called Dedicated hosting whose server is also outsourced and connected to the internet 24 hours with an exclusive holiday where the client publishes only their own web sites and applications and everything you want to store but at a higher 3.5 hosting

A Windows hosting is, basically, a service that allows host applications or websites developed in ASP.NET (languages: C #, VB .NET, etc.) using programs such as Visual Studio, Web Matrix and the like and also If the application requires storing database to operate, it can provide database Microsoft SQL Server.

Best ASP.NET Hosting

Hosting ASP.NET Hosting

However, when choosing a Windows Hosting provider, regardless of the version of the Windows Server operating system, you must consider the .NET Framework offered is compatible with the .NET Framework on which has developed its application or website. The .NET Framework currently available are 4.5 / 4.0 / 3.5 / 2.0 / 1.1.
Knowing how to choose a provider of Windows Hosting

Make a decision regarding Windows Hosting provider that we will choose is not easy. We must consider several variables from the features of Windows Server, support time, price, performance Windows Hosting service and above all reliable service to our future accommodation.

To summarize, we present the most typical when evaluating a web hosting asp net provider variables:

1)Reliability and performance of services (asp net hosting).
2)Support response time.
3)Years of market presence.
4)References to third parties.
5)Management tools.
7)Server up time.

It is also important that future ASP.NET Hosting provider will offer a trial period or failing a money back guarantee at least 30 days.

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