Amazing 5 WordPress plugins that you didn’t know

Amazing 5 WordPress plugins that you didn’t know

Amazing 5 WordPress plugins that you didn't know

The WordPress Plugin Repository has a list of many interesting Plugin! Even more you can find in different marketplace, but a simple search on Google. In this article I present 5 plugins, you might not have heard of until now, but will help improve your WordPress blog.

1. Widget Importer & Exporter

The management of the Widget is difficult, while moving a page and its data from one Server to another. Using the Widget Importer & Exporter process is done quickly and easily without much trouble!

2. Avatar Manager

The WordPress uses Gravatar Avatar for users. The Avatar Manager plugin allows you to manage the avatar of your blog through the User Management. Installed the Plugin and give users the ability to choose their own Avatar, easily and quickly.

3. Job Manager

Surely you’ve noticed several themes, which give you the ability to create your own Job Board, if you want through your website to post ads. Why to get the process to select a specific theme for this job? You can alternatively install a Plugin and adapt on the theme you are using. See the features and capabilities of the Job Manager plugin through the WordPress Repository.

4. SportPress

This Plugin is somewhat more specialized and targeted at websites / blogs sports content. It can be a great help as it gives you the ability to create your own Score Board! The plugin will find on page Github, where it is hosted.

5. Multiple Passwords Page Protection

Why might someone want to give different multiple codes in a page? One major reason is because they can see the page multiple different users. So “what the best solution is to build a unique code, which will suit the requirements of each user. Good plugin for this work is the Multiple Pass for Protected Pages and find the WordPress Plugin Repository.

These plugins provide solutions to specific problems or provide additional features to improve your WordPress blog you. Before you proceed to search and install any plugin, make sure first why you need it and what specific requirements and needs you want to cover it. However, it is important to remember that the plugins, you have installed and no longer serve you, you must uninstall are not to consume valuable resources from your site, but also for safety reasons.

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