3G vs 4G: Do you know the difference?

3G vs 4G: Do you know the difference?

3G vs 4G Do you know the difference

3G vs 4G: Do you know the difference?

Known by some as a way to connect to internet very “broadband “, but many people do not know what 4G and often do not make a difference with 3G , also a survey indicates that just over 74% of the Pakistani ” are not interested in 4G .” You personally , would you know the difference between 3G and 4G? This technology you she interested ?

He must find the right Point G Phone

First, the “G” represents a generation of mobile technology , installed in phones and cellular networks . Each “G” usually requires you to get a new phone . Operators on their side must make updates often very costly level . The first two were analog cell phones ( 1G) and digital phones ( 2G) , and then things got complicated .

Then the 3G …

3G is the first generation wireless network to provide Internet connection to ‘broadband’ , with a minimum speed of 144 kb / s. Varieties of this network were beginning to multiply with a flow rate of 400 kb / s to 10 times more download ( H + ) . This new generation has also made ​​some improvements such as the ability of the network to provide a bit more data to the user as well as better quality in calls.

Surf at high speed with 4G

4G is supposed to be faster , but this is not always the case. There was actually so -called “4G” technologies, and so many ways to implement the term is almost meaningless. The International Telecommunication Union is a standards body tried to make demands on the nationalization of a 4G network , but they have often been ignored by the mobile operators, where the decline of the latter. It should be noted that the “true” 4G HSPA + must include the 21/42 , WiMAX, and LTE. Therefore, three separate connections are theoretically not supposed to provide enough flow to be called “4G” .

3g  vs 4g

Today, only ZONG Telecom provided the largest 4G network coverage in Pakistan on paper, 63% of the population connected to the network. Obviously , the flow is still far from 100 Mb / s , which should normally be provided by this type of network . Therefore, is it really necessary to switch to a 4G Smartphone today?

The fact that most municipalities do not have a 4G connection could actually quickly drain your battery in network research , as the smartphone is much more upon the energy of the battery, when it is often disconnected then reconnected . 

In any case, we must not forget that the H + network (another variant of the 3G network ) provided a decent connection speed again. Thus, if your use is summarized in most cases to make calls, send text messages or go on the internet a few minutes , have a 4G compatible device is not recommended , but if for the same price, you hesitate to take either a mobile with 4G and another that is not , we recommend that you still take the one with the 4G, because you will surely be useful in a few months (years) .

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